Lockhart's Light Mustache Wax

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This mustache wax is specially formulated for the gentleman who wants the tightest curls and the best control over their stache. Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium is happy to bring this heavy-duty formula, which is one of the heaviest, stickiest stache waxes on the market, to our customers. This wax will keep your handlebars tightly curled all day long without any worries about needing to restyle.  Natural scent with a slight hint of vanilla.

Be sure to select the appropriate color before ordering.

To apply this wax, dig out a small amount of wax using the back of your fingernail. Rub the wax between the index finger and thumb to warm up the product until it becomes warm enough to apply to your mustache. Coat your mustache evenly and then comb each side down and out (towards your ears). For tight handlebars dig out a small amount of wax and using the opposite hand (to the side of your stache) curl the hairs upwards until achieving a proper style. Now head out on the town and be prepared for the many compliments that simply come with the territory.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Lanolin, Petrolatum, Coconut Fragrance, Color

Wax comes in a 1-ounce slipcover tin which can easily slide into your pocket.