It's about community.

It's about community.

Over the weekend we attended Tucker Day 2022. It was a long day - setup started at 6AM and the party started at 9 AM running all the way to 5PM!   It was really good to get back up to our Main street here in Tucker, GA and celebrate the people and this little city we call home.  The skies were dark and the winds were a little bit blustery - but by around Noon, things settled down and people enjoyed seeing the sun and blue skies.

The biggest thing I noticed was the sense of community we built throughout the day.  Setting up I got to meet an entrepreneurial popcorn/lemonade vendor, a couple of tea makers, and a great pair of folks making fabric art and embroidery. Although we started as strangers, over the day we became a "little block in our neighborhood."  Lots of laughter, suggestions, support, and watching out for each other.  In a way we formed our own community.

Now, take our community, and add to the other vendors around Main Street. Everyone helped everyone else.  You would find several people taking the time to walk up and down the street checking out what people had available, getting snacks (oh the snacks!), and interacting with laughs.  Another community.

The City of Tucker brought so many people together from diverse backgrounds and made Tucker Day 2022 a grand community indeed.

We have a community here at Dr. Mike's.  I started doing Facebook Live videos when the Covid thing started.  Over the last two years (yes, two years) we have a few folks who pretty much attend every video and make jokes, make fun of me (it's quite easy to do), and share tips and guidance.  This is pretty much akin to a little barbershop where people get together and form - you guessed it.  Community.

Take time for yourself.  Reach out to your community. and as always.  Shave Dapper.