About Us

Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium was founded in June of 2015 with the idea of revitalizing the culture of classic shaving and grooming. At Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium we search for the best products created by local and United States based artisans. 

All of the products that we carry, we have personally used, researched, and tested. We stand behind the products we sell and we love our vendors and providers. At Dr. Mike's SE we believe in quality, loyalty, and excellent customer service. 

Dr. Mike, Founder / Owner of Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium, "Madmiral" 


 Dr. Mike (aka J. Michael Cobb) is the founder, owner, and fearless leader of Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium. We would honestly be lost without him. Dr. Mike started Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium with an idea of bringing the best quality shaving and grooming products made by local and US based artisans.

Dr. Mike is an international panelist teaching shaving classes as well as barbershop history.

Dr. Mike frequently says: "Shaving is not just for the dapper gentlemen it is for everyone. If a blade touches skin - we can help".  

Kay The PA / Queen of Chaos, B.D.S.M. (Big Deal Social Media)

Kay The PA (aka Kseniya Burns) joined Dr.Mike's shaving emporium in 2019 as a social media and eCommerce specialist. As the time went on, Kay became the creative director behind the brand as well as a partner. 

Together with Dr. Mike, Kay helps curate the selection of product, events, interviews, and other media appearances. 

Kay wears many hats at Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium but the one she truly considers to be her calling is her "beard conservationist" role. She is frequently heard saying "every beard is sacred and must be cared for, maintained, preserved, and well loved". 

Charles Barrow owner of Maxim Barbershop / "Surgeon General" at Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium

Charles Barrow is an owner of one of the best barbershops in Atlanta - Maxim Barbershop. He is also the "Surgeon General" at Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium. 

Both Charles’s father and paternal grandfather were lifelong barbers.  He received his education and training as a barber and hairstylist at the Roffler-Moler Barber and Hairstyling College in 1990.

He also completed the Barber and Hairstyling Instructor program through Roffler-Moler Barber and Hairstyling College in 1994.

Charles’s experience and insight is built upon a family legacy combining nearly a century of involvement in the practice of barbering and barbershop operations.

Charles is a gifted bass player and will jam with you at the drop of a dime.  He can speak fluent Klingon, loves all things Batman related (yes, even the bad movies :D) and can hold an entire conversation in Beatles lyrics. 

Randy R. Comber Research and Development Specialist

When asked about shaving, Randy always says "always enjoy the shave". This passion for shaving is seen in every fiber of his being. He positively lights up when the topic of safety razors comes up. If you ever wanted to know anything about a certain razor - Randy will have the answers!