It's all about family/community

It's all about family/community

It has been a while since I have checked in here.  Thought I would catch you up on a few items and plans for the future.

A while back we were looking forward to hitting the road again for the SE Punk Flea Market in Charleston, SC.  Unfortunately we had to cancel our trip at the last minute to take care of a member of the family.  You never know how fast things can change.  We really miss those SE Punk Flea market shows.  The organizers are GREAT people and really have a great heart for the vendors and everyone coming through the door.  It has all the vibe of a family or small community of fun-filled folks.

Speaking of family/community, last week one the members of our community passed away after several battles with everything life could throw at a person.  Ernie Borrega, aka "The Shaving Yeti" was one of the biggest hearts in our community.  Even after severe car accidents and other health issue, Ernie still lived life with his foot firmly planted on the accelerator.  

The Shaving Yeti was one of the very first makers we brought into this little slice of the internet.  With names like "Columbian Necktie," "Morning Wood," and the ever popular "Yeti Snot," Ernie was instrumental in putting the shaving world on notice.  There was someone with a good sense of humor and a zest for life ready to help bring a better shave - and a bit of a wry smile.

Ernie was part of several online shaving groups - but I believe his favorite was the "Old Cahaba Shave Club."  This group was founded as a place where people could just be and not get all wrapped up in the daily grind.  With over 300 people in the club (myself included), you can see all manner of shave and non shave-related postings.  Hobbies, music, food, razors, honing, and all manner of cool cars.  A grand place to share your heart - and the community stands with you.

Over the weekend, I had the honor to attend a viewing with Ernie's family, friends, and several members of the Old Cahaba Shave Club.  We came together to pay our respects, tell stories, shed a tear, be there for the family, and to help celebrate the life of this kind gent.  I knew a few people from previous events, but was able to meet several members of the club I have only interacted with here and there on Facebook - thumbs up!  Each person was like a long time friend you haven't seen in ages.  We didn't say goodbye to Ernie, we just said thanks for everything, and we will try to keep rocking and rolling.

Ernie Lives Forever.  #elf