What a grand time over last weekend.  Attending the Southeast Punk Flea Market in Charleston, we brought the booth to the Omar Shrine at Mount Pleasant, SC.  After an adventure of travelling from Atlanta to Charleston (traffic, construction, wrecks, and a crazy GPS!) we got set up easily.  The SE Punk organizers do such a great job in taking care of the vendors and make sure the event is a fun one!

The Omar Shrine is located about 1/4 mile from the USS Yorktown.  A WWII Aircraft carrier museum.  Although we did not get a chance to visit, we got a few pictures and really enjoyed the Cold War Submarine exhibit nearby.

Saturday evening, we decided to have a really nice dinner at Fleet Landing Restaurant & Bar.  This was a very popular place on the waterfront in downtown Charleston.  We found a couple of seats at the bar, and we were so lucky we did as the bar staff really made our dining experience.  Great displays of bartending, teamwork, supporting each other, and a grand sense of humor and customer service.  Having a good meal surrounded by positive people is a magical moment. https://fleetlanding.net/

Over the weekend, now that masks are being lifted, I took the time to really tip up my handlebar mustache.  I had many people stop by and comment on how dapper and distinguished I look with the tips.  

The best comment came from a delightful lady at the Orangeburg, SC Hardee's (We stopped for a little snack on the way home).  After I ordered, she looked up and said "I like your whiskers.  It's like a smile you always are wearing."

As we move into the next few months, try to make sure you always wear a smile.  


Dr. Mike