Old man and the beard

Old man and the beard

Earlier this year, I shaved my beard off (not all of it, but a good bit).  Wanting to help folks see how a beard grows in and how to help it grow fuller, I began trying to do everything I can to give it the best beginning.

I kept clean shaved for a while to give my skin a break.  Keeping my face washed clean each night really set the foundation for my beard.

As my beard grows fairly quickly, within a few days I had enough growth to see how I wanted to shape my beard.

Using my safety razor, I was able line in my beard and get things moving in the right direction.

Once I had the right lines, it was a simple matter of keeping that line and tending to the care and feeding of my new beard.

The biggest thing I learned as this growth started was using a beard wash and conditioner.  Not only did it keep my new beard clean, but the conditioner helped add strength and flexibility.  Adding moisture to your beard helps the coarse hair from growing brittle and breaking - plus, you avoid all the itchiness as your beard grows in.

To wrap up, in 2009 an article in "The Atlantic" talked about a unit of measurement called "A Beard Second."

It's the physics tiny measurement partner of the light year. Wikipedia defines it as "the length an average physicist's beard grows in a second", equivalent to either 5 or 10 nanometers. I assume the namer intended some humor and, as far as physics jokes go, it's a damn good one. 


If you're growing a beard, keep it up.  If you want to shave it, that's fine too.  We are here to celebrate, educate, and entertain.