Old Tech with New Tech

Old Tech with New Tech

I have always been a bit of a techno-geek when it comes to stuff.  Growing up when "Pong" was the first at home video game (had one), to Atari 2600, then onto PC's - I have had an affinity for all things technological.

From getting a classic Chevrolet and adding in the little bits of new fangled ignition (50,000 volt coil? yes thank you!) to CD players - yes I had cassette tape players too - and amplifiers, I was always looking for bigger and better, but also more reliable and efficient.

Until this whole shave thing came along, I used whatever the big companies said "Was the best a man could get."  It never seemed like it was.  Razor burn, feeling like a cheese grater on my skin, and just not feeling the efficiency of these 3, 4, and 5 bladed things - I wanted reliable and efficient.

Looking at the past, I was able to see where the future was heading.  I picked up a safety razor, then another, then a straight razor (carefully), and found what I was looking for in my shave routine.  Tons of videos, research, forum and Facebook groups led me to meet with like minded folks and learn what really was the best.

Last week, I was checking my message boards and found a gentleman who was clearing out some of his hardware.  He had a fairly new Henson safety razor he wanted to let go, and my interest was piqued. 

The razor showed up in the mail and I could see it was definitely well made, close tolerances, and solidly reliable.  It looks quite good, and shaves very well for such a lightweight razor.  They took the best of the old school safety razor, and improved on it by turning it and making a clean and efficient razor.  From their info: 

Our blade exposure and blade angle are precisely machined to tolerances as tight as 0.0002".


The razor supports the blade the entire way across so you get less flex possible out of the blade.  Very efficient and you can feel how smooth with lets the blade cut.  

I will add this into my collection/rotation of razors I shave with. 

Wonder what they will think of next...