Randy's Razor Collection: Gillette Safety Razors

Last week we introduced our R&D Specialist Randy Comber. Randy has been sharing his razor collection with us. This week we are talking about Randy's Gillette razors. Here's what he had to say:

Randy's Razor Collection: Gillette Safety Razors

Here is some history on the Gillette safety razors. My Gillette “Goodwill” safety razor was made in the 1930s. Gillette gave away 3 million of these safety razors if you purchased a $1 package of 10 new Gillette blades. Gillette settled on a new design for the 3-hole blade once the patent ran out during the Great Depression. You might be able to find the Goodwill safety razor at an antique store, but the condition might not be that good. Unfortunately, the metal near the razor head tends to crack over time. The shave is mild and you can definitely feel the blade on your skin due to the head design.

The Goodwill ball end razor is on the left. My 1957 Gillette safety razor is next and sold for a $1. I know that my dad owned one of these safety razors. This safety razor shaves great and you can expect a mild shave. Gillette designed this razor for a beginner and the head will protect you from nicks when using the right angle.

 The combed safety razor head came from “Razor Emporium”. I believe that it is a 1957 screw-type head that will fit most handles. The quality is amazing and the shave is mild.