Razors, Razors, Razors! A truly beautiful collection...

We have been fortunate to work with some truly amazing people over the years. Our good friend Randy Comber, who also happens to be our Research and Development specialist here at Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium was very kind to share his collection of safety razors and straight razors with us. 

A Bit About Randy

When asked about shaving, Randy always says "always enjoy the shave". This passion for shaving is seen in every fiber of his being. He positively lights up when the topic of safety razors comes up. If you ever wanted to know anything about a certain razor - Randy will have the answers! I asked randy to tell us a bit about himself and how he got into shaving. This is what he had to say:

I am retired from Georgia Pacific and my passion for wet shaving started about 10 years ago when I bought a Merkur safety razor from the Duluth Trading Company. This razor got me interested in the older safety razors by Gillette that I watched my parents and grand parents use as a kid.

My father had several Gillette safety razors and used “Old Spice” products and Barbasol. Of course, when I was a kid their was not a lot of emphasis placed on men’s grooming products or shaving. Shaving was just a ritual that did require some skill without getting cut. I learned to shave with a Gillette safety razor and later started to use a Schick injector razor.

I seldom paid any attention to shaving properly until I bought the Merkur and a few older Gillette safety razors. After I retired, wet shaving and men’s grooming products became a hobby and I really became interested in the safety razors that are made by the small artisans in the USA.

Most of my safety razors start out with a block of stainless steel, but I have discovered several quality razors from Merkur and Muhle. 

Randy's Razor Collection

When Mike and I were coming back from Charleston, SC after South East Punk Flea Market I asked Mike to reach out to Randy and see if he would be willing to share some of his razors with us. I certainly did not expect to see such a well curated collection. Below are just some of the safety razors and straight razors Randy shared with us. 

My Rex Ambassador adjustable safety razor from the Rex Supply Company that I bought when they were first made. This razor is number 131 from the first production of 250 safety razors. This safety razor is made from high-quality stainless steel and has just the right amount of weight of 3.73 ounces I have finally settled on the number 3 setting and the shave is smooth. There are 6 settings, but you can actually use the setting in between the numbers.
The “Muhle Rocca” safety razor. This safety razor is well machined and is made from high-quality stainless steel. I really like the feel of this razor and the blade gap is perfect for my face. You can buy this safety razor in a satin or matte finish. This may be the best shaving safety razor that I own.
Merkuer 34C safety razor The Merkur 34C is an excellent safety razor for the beginner or expert. I bought this safety razor on sale over 10 years ago from the Duluth Trading Company. My razor actually has some stainless steel in the handle whereas this safety razor on the market today is made from chrome-plated brass. I really like the feel of this razor and it is well made in Germany.
Portland Straight razor with an acrylic orange handle  My “Portland straight razor is called “The Sprite”. This straight razor is a work of art and I asked for the orange handle that represents one of my college colors. Portland contacted me and presented me with this orange acrylic handle. The shave is smooth and the blade is sharp. If you do want a modern straight, I would suggest that you contact the “Portland Razor” company.