Weekend update/Liftoff!

Weekend update/Liftoff!

What started as a slow first part of 2022 has now taken off as we are heading into our February of events.  

On Friday, we set up shop at the Atlanta Steampunk Exposition (ASE). We had the whole setup in place and got everything going.  It was really good to be back in the vendor hall again, as we had not down a three day event in quite a few months. 

On top of the setup, we held our "Noble Razor Shaving Practicum" panel.  Taking a little time to detail the history of barbering, hygiene, and razors, we brought a demonstration to the class.  Charles performed a hot lather shave on the organizer Bill Harrison!

On Saturday/Sunday. we tried out an interesting experiment - we helped bring our good friend Charles Barrow from Maxim Barbers of Decatur to offer beard trims and hot shaves to the hall.  After sorting out power, water, and getting Charles setup with a really swanky Barber's chair.  

As the morning started up, attendees were interested in what was going on.  Once they realized how incredible the experience could be, Charles was business for the rest of both days!  I believe this was a grand success.  Hearing compliments such as "Life changing," and "That was the best 45 minutes ever!" really gave us insight into taking care of our customers.

Be on the lookout for future such experiments.  Who knows, we might have to finally get that "Wild West Medicine Show" trailer.  Hmm....