What a weekend or two!

What a weekend or two!

Over the last two weekends, we have been quite busy.  From upgrading our entire website sales system, to attending several grand events.  I will start with the events first...


Last weekend, we enjoyed a magical event called "CONjuration."  This was an Atlanta three day Harry Potter/Fantasy themed convention.  We were fortunate to have a vendor spot open up and were asked if we were interested.  We were, we did, and we are so very pleased we did.  This event turned out to be the best sales weekend since we opened.  Meeting many new friends, seeing old friends, and helping bring great products to them really brings a smile to my face.

We were also honored to be asked to participate on the "Beginner Vendor" panel.  I got to sit with the other vendors and share my experiences as a vendor.  It was quite fun, filled with many laughs, jokes, and good information.  Several years ago, I sat in the audience for this same panel to learn what I could to build my little business.  To be asked to be one of the panelists was quite cool indeed!

Holbrook Holiday Market

When we vended at the Oakland Cemetery "Sunday in the Park" event, a delightfully energetic lady stopped by our booth and was impressed with our products and overall esthetic.  She invited us to come vend at the Senior Living Community "Holiday Market" at Holbrook Decatur.  

We brought a good selection of classic fragrances, shave soaps, aftershaves, and a few beard care items.  Walking in, this upscale complex was tricked out in all manner of holiday décor.  Great Christmas music playing with several trees already set up.  Yes, it was a little early, but I have been needing a little Christmas lately.  

You never know how these short events are going to go, but we did well.  People seemed really interested in what we had to offer and even picked up presents for family members.

Iron & Anvil Artist Market - Ironmonger Brewery

Sunday brought a blast of cooler weather, but it was a glorious day.  Not a cloud in the sky.  The sun was bright and warm until it ducked behind the trees.  Made for a slight chill in the air.  

Brought the purple tent and set up shop with several other great vendors.  Some very enthusiastic customers who were pleased we were there (Always a good time!)

Shopify engage!

If you are reading this, you probably have noticed we have completed our upgrade to the new Shopify system.  New website, better integration, new Point of Sale system, improved customer experience, and a broken email system.

Email was down for about a day or so - Made things a bit difficult for a little while, but popped back up quite quickly.  

We are steadily getting all the system elements in place and learning more and more about how to make this shop better than ever.  

Keep on the lookout as we move onward and ever upward!

Huzzah and Harrumph!

Shave Dapper!

Dr. Mike